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Baby Breaks Down in Tears When Dog Swipes Toy. Dog’s Immediate Apology Is Too Cute to Handle

There’s nothing more precious than the bond between dogs and kids. One of the most heartwarming examples might be the relationship between an adorable beagle named Charlie and his human “sister,” Laura Olivia.

Not long ago, Laura Olivia’s furry friend decided to borrow one of her toys. Distressed by her reaction, Charlie carried out one of the funniest make-up sessions ever.


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The parents of both dog and daughter state that from the beginning, Charlie seemed to learn a wide range of tasks and tricks quite easily. He swiftly became skilled in everything from fetching the television remote to closing cabinet doors, and even started grabbing a refreshing beverage for his thirsty owners.

Charlie used his impressive intelligence to begin caring for Laura Olivia the minute she arrived home from the hospital. His owners say they noticed the pair’s close bond almost instantly.

Charlie learned to help change the new baby’s diapers, gently rock her crib, and more. These activities were so endearing that Charlie’s owners began regularly filming his antics to share with the world.

Laura Olivia flourished with all of Charlie’s loyal attention. Clearly, however, she seemed to draw the line when he decided to romp around with one of her toys a few years back.

Fascinated by the jingly sounds of Laura Olivia’s floppy, stuffed rattle, Charlie eagerly dragged it from her baby carrier to his dog bed.  He quickly changed his tune, however, when Laura Olivia started sobbing uncontrollably.


The cute canine caretaker instantly sprang into action. He clearly wanted to make things up to his sweet baby sister.


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